Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings

Question:        I’m stuck in the Cabinet location in the first Chapter. I have a key in my inventory, but when I try to open the door using it, the game tells me it does not work. How can I open the door?
We apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused to you.
Please perform the following steps to open the door:

  • Tap on the door.
  • Don’t drag the key to the keyhole, just tap on the key to take it from your inventory and tap exactly on the keyhole to put the key in it.
  • Tap on the key to turn it.
  • Tap on the doorknob and the door will open.

How can I open Strategy Guide?
You can open Strategy Guide in the following way:

  1. Start the game.
  2. Tap “Play” in the Main Menu.
  3. Tap on a chapter to open it.
  4. Tap on the Menu button.
  5. A window will appear and you will find Strategy Guide in the bottom of this window.
  6. Tap on Strategy Guide.


Question:     I have already played this game on my previous device and now I’ve got a new phone. How can I transfer the game progress I’ve already made to it?

Answer:       Due to certain technical reasons it is impossible to transfer your game progress from one device to another. Please be informed that we create separate applications for different platforms and even devices in order to provide the best possible experience to the players on each platform. There is substantial amount of work associated with producing a version for this or that device- the screen dimensions, the size of the screen, and the controls are different, and there is a lot of work that goes into redesigning and adapting the user interface. This needs to be done to ensure the best possible experience for the players, and that's why for now we stick to the business model where there is a separate application for each platform.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Question:     I have questions regarding Payments. What should I do?
Answer:       If you´re having problems with payments, please contact Amazon Appstore Customer Service
In spite of our willingness to help, we won´t be able to assist you in such requests since Amazon Appstore issues are not connected with our games and are to be resolved by Amazon Appstore Customer Support specialists.


Question:     How can I speed up game downloading?
Answer:       Downloading of the game is not an immediate process, it takes some time, depending on speed of Internet connection you use and quality of communication. We recommend using Wi-Fi connection for game downloading because there are restrictions on size of downloading files while using 3G connection. These restrictions can be specified within your mobile service provider.
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