The Secret Society® – Hidden Mystery

Question: When I try to visit a friend or send them a gift, I get a message " Please wait" and after a while, I get an error message "Failed to connect to the server". What should I do?

Answer: Please be informed that our Technical Team is aware of this issue and they are working on fixing it as quickly as possible. Please avoid reinstalling the app in the meantime, as your game progress and purchased items will be lost.

Thank you for your patience.


Question: As I try to install the update from Amazon Appstore, it says the update is already installed. And I’m stuck in the loop with the update message. What should I do?

Answer: Please try performing the steps below to resolve this issue. Make sure you have a stable Internet connection before beginning.

1) From the home screen, tap the “Apps” tab near the top of the screen.
2) Tap “Store” at the top right.
3) Tap the Menu icon at the bottom-center of the screen (it looks like a box with three horizontal lines across it).
4) Tap “App Updates.”
5) Locate The Secret Society - Hidden Mystery and tap “Update.”

Please make sure that you have at least 1.6 GB free in order to download this update. You can learn more about how to manage your device’s storage here.

Should the issue persist after following these steps, please contact our Support Team at with the detailed description of your issue.


Question: I am experiencing some problems with the game. Should I reinstall it?

Answer: Please avoid reinstalling the app because your game progress and purchase items will be lost. Keep in mind that the game goes in real time and it recharges statuettes and energy even when the app is minimized or closed. In case the app is reinstalled your game progress and purchased items are lost.

If the game has some issues, please contact G5 Support Team and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.


Question:  I have already played this game on my previous device and now I’ve got a new device. How can I transfer the game progress I’ve already made to it?

Answer: Due to certain technical reasons it is impossible to transfer your game progress from one device to another. Please be informed that we create separate applications for different platforms and even devices in order to provide the best possible experience to the players on each platform. There is a substantial amount of work associated with producing a version for this or that device- the screen dimensions, the size of the screen, and the controls are different, and there is a lot of work that goes into redesigning and adapting the user interface. This needs to be done to ensure the best possible experience for the players, and that's why for now we stick to the business model where there is a separate application for each platform. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Question: I cannot open my game on my Kindle Fire due to the incompatibility error. What should I do?

Answer: We are happy to inform you that our Technical Team has managed to isolate and fix the issue. Please make sure you have a stable internet connection and launch the app. Wait several minutes to download the latest update. After that please restart your device and launch the app again.

If the problem persists after performing these actions, please let us know. Thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve this issue.


QuestionWhen I try to send a gift to my friend, I am unable to see his/her wish list. What should I do?

Answer: We are experiencing technical issues with our Wish List functionality. The team is working to resolve them as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.


Question: I need to get Carrots to research Illusionist's Room. What should I do?

Answer: Please note that you can find carrots in the Eastern Bazaar picture, you can get them as a reward for completing certain collections, you can get them as a gift or you can purchase them.


Question: How can I help my Friends?

Answer: You can send gifts to your Friends, charge their statuettes and give Hints to them on different locations.

 Keep in mind that you can give a Hint to your friend in the following way:

1. Go to Friends menu. Tap Friends tab.

2. Choose a Friend you would like to visit and tap Visit.

3. Tap any magic picture available.

4. Confirm your choice in the screen that appears.


You can also send gifts to your friends in the following way:

1. Tap "Friends".

2. Tap "Send a gift".

3. You will see your friend's wish list at the top of the screen. You can choose any item from your inventory below and send it.


Please follow the steps below to charge statuettes for your Friend:

1. Go to Friends menu. Tap Friends tab.

2. Choose a Friend you would like to visit and tap Visit.

3. Tap the statuette you would like to charge.

4. Confirm your choice in the screen that appears.


Question: What does hiring a Friend mean? How do I hire a Friend?

Answer: Please note that the Friend you’re hiring will help you in the next location you will open. Every player has randomly been given a profession and it influences the way this player can help you. You can check your Friends' professions under their info tab. Keep in mind that you can hire any friend once a day for free.  As your Reputation grows, you can "hire" more Friends to help you in different locations.

To hire a Friend please tap the Hire button on the player’s avatar in the Friend’s tab.


Question: I can’t find an item at the location indicated in its description! The item is not displayed in To be Found Tab. What should I do?

Answer: Please be informed that on different mastering levels there are different lists of objects to find. The item you are concerned about can be found at the same location but with a higher level of mastering. Please continue playing the game and you will find the item.


Question: Where can I find Fireflies to play the Night Garden location?

Answer: Please be informed that you can find Fireflies in the Palatial Office picture. You also get them as a reward for visiting your Friend’s game once a day and from Friendliness statuette.


Question: I used Weight and it didn't restore my energy! What should I do?

Answer: Please be informed that Weights are not meant to increase your energy level as they restore Strength. Note that as you tap any item in your inventory a small screen appears describing the item itself and its purpose in the game.


Question: What are Strength and Reputation used for?

Answer: Please note that Strength is similar to Energy required for performing actions in your Friend's game. You can charge statuettes for your friends or leave them Hints in different locations. For each action you get +10 points to your Reputation which displays the level of your social activity. As your Reputation grows, you can "hire" more Friends to help you in different locations.


Question:     I have questions regarding Payments. What should I do?
Answer:       If you´re having problems with payments, please contact Amazon Appstore Customer Service.
In spite of our willingness to help, we won´t be able to assist you in such requests since Amazon Appstore issues are not connected with our games and are to be resolved by Amazon Appstore Customer Support specialists.


Question:     How can I speed up game downloading?
Answer:       Downloading of the game is not an immediate process, it takes some time, depending on the speed of Internet connection you use and quality of communication. We recommend using Wi-Fi connection for game downloading because there are restrictions on the size of downloading files while using 3G connection. These restrictions can be specified within your mobile service provider.
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