Farm Clan®: Farm Life Adventure


Question: When I try to launch the game, I get the error message "You have disconnected! Please check your Internet connection and try again!". What should I do?

Answer: We’re pleased to inform you that we have fixed the issue you experienced. To resume play, please make sure you have a stable Internet connection and launch the app. You may need to restart the app to ensure the best performance of the game, however.


Question: When I try checking the Best Players Ranking for the Fishing mini-game or for the Trophy Tree, the ranking appears empty. What should I do?

Answer: Our Technical Team has fixed the issue you've experienced. You should be able to view rankings without any problem now. Thank you for your patience while we addressed this issue.


Question: When I try to visit my neighbours, I get a message that I am running an older version of the game. What should I do?

Answer: Please be informed that the problem encountered is caused because you and your friends are running different versions of the game. Please update your game to the latest 1.12 version to overcome this problem.


Question: After I’ve updated my game to the latest 1.12 version, I don’t receive gifts and requests from my neighbours. What should I do?

Answer: Please be informed that the problem encountered is caused because you and your friends are running different versions of the game. It will be resolved once all your friends update to the latest 1.12 game version. 


Question: How does the new Fishing mini-game work?

Answer: Make sure you have a Fishing Rod and tap on the Cast button to start the mini-game. Once the Pull button becomes green, keep tapping on it to hold the progress bar in the middle until the Fishing Rod reaches the catching spot.


Question: How do I use the new Swords button?

Answer: You can simply use it by tapping on it and then tapping on the soldier you want to fight.

Note that you can also access Shop and purchase more swords by using this button. To do this, tap on the green plus sign next to the Swords counter to access the Shop and choose the pack you wish to purchase. 


Question: I cannot move or stash my Henhouse. If I try to do this, I get the error message “It looks like we've got a technical break!”. What should I do?

Answer: Our Technical Team is aware of this issue and they are doing their best to fix it in the nearest update.

We are thankful for your patience and understanding while we work to fix this problem.


Question: I cannot perform any actions in my village. When I tap on any place in it, I get the message “You cannot reach this place”.  What should I do?

Answer: The issue you are experiencing is caused by the fact that your hero is stuck in one of the building and the decorations block his way. Please try to find where your hero is stuck and move/stash the building he is stuck in. In case the issue persists after these actions, please contact our Support Team at with the detailed description of your problem, your last actions and the screenshots of your hero’s position.


Question: Since the latest 1.10 update I cannot enter the Market once I’ve sent the balloon. I cannot complete other collections or request items for my collections from friends while the balloon is away. What should I do?

Answer: Please be informed that starting from the 1.10 update you can send only one balloon at a time. Please make sure you’ve asked for all the items prior sending the balloon. Note that you can also speed up the production in the Market using the Magic Wands. We apologize if these changes have caused you any kind of inconvenience.


Question: How do I use the Potion of Luck?

Answer: Please make sure you have the Roman Soldiers on your village map and use the Potion of Luck (after it was crafted in Magic Cauldron). You will see the icon of this potion above the Roman soldiers you can use it on. You can defeat a Roman soldier with a single blow when the Potion of Luck is activated and it gives you additional chance to get the Creepy Brushwood after defeating this soldier.

Pay attention that you can use one Potion of Luck on one Roman Soldier.


Question: How do I get and use the Creepy Brushwood during the Sooky Halloween Event?

Answer: Please be informed that you can get the Creepy Brushwood as a random reward for defeating the regular Roman Soldiers and for sending the ship. Afterwards, you can use it to craft the Magic Broom in Sawmill to defeat the Halloween monsters.


Question: After the 1.9 update my Henhouse has disappeared from my village. What should I do?

Answer: Please be informed that this issue has been caused by the fact that the Henhouse building occupies more space now. If you have buildings near it, Henhouse just doesn't fit in and it has been automatically placed to your Stash. Please try to free some more space for Henhouse in your village and place it on your village map again. 

We apologize if this change has caused you any kind of inconvenience.




Question: What's the difference between neighbours and friends?

Answer: If you'd like your playing friend to be your neighbour in Brave Tribe, you have to invite them to your neighbours. Then you will be able to visit their village, your neighbours will also be added to the amount needed for unlocking some buildings (eg a certain building requires 15 neighbours). You can send gifts and answer requests from your friends as well as neighbours.


Question: What do I need friends and neighbours for?

Answer: They give certain benefits:
- during your first visit in neighbouring village you get bone for the Dog, hearts and gold
- the next visits give you experience and hearts
- some items needed in quests can be received from friends


Question: How can I help a friend (neighbour) in his village?

Answer: To visit friend's village, click on their picture at the bottom of game window. During the visit you can clean the area, revive withered crops, speed up their growth or harvest them (also fruit trees) or perform actions in buildings.


Question: How can I accept friend's help in my village?

Answer: Click on your friend's character visible in your village and accept help. You can also reject it.


Question: How can I find missing items?

Answer: Each item has a description that tell you how to find it. In most cases you can also ask your friends for them.


Question: Where can I find my friends' requests?

Answer: You will find your friends' requests in Messages window - it's available by clicking on messages window on right sliding tab. There you can answer these requests. Your friends will also find your requests there.



Question: When visiting neighbours the fertilizer does not work. What should I do?
Answer: Please be informed that the sign of fertilizer that you see above the crops in your neighbours' villages only indicates the plots you can help them with. Fertilizer itself is not used when helping friends, and none of it is deducted from your Stash.

Question: How do I use the fertilizer?
Answer: You can use the fertilizer to produce trees in the Orchard.


Question: Every time I try to send the dog to look for treasures, the game freezes. What should I do?

Answer: Please be informed that our Technical Team is aware of this issue and we are working on fixing it. In the meantime, you can overcome this issue by moving the dog house to the other place in your village.

You can move objects in the following way: 
• Tap on the arrow at right-hand part of the screen to call the menu
• Tap Edit to enter the edit mode 
• Tap on the object you want to move and place it to the other place in your village.


Question: How do I get the Bravehenge parts and the collection pieces?

Answer: Please be informed that you can win all the parts of Bravehenge and all the collection pieces by tapping on "Stop Spinning" button in Bravehenge building. Once you collect all the parts of Bravehenge, the time for the next free spin will be reduced up to 12 hours. The more you play, the more chances you get to win a collection piece or a menhir.


Question: I have not enough grass, mushrooms and herbs in the village, and I need them for my quest. Where can I find them?

Answer: After you reveal a piece of terrain and clean it up from such elements, the automatic grow starts - every 12 hours there's something new on the ground. If you don't want to wait, visit your neighbours, they also have these items in the village. You can also plant new trees and herbs in orchand, or if you need stones you can user potion in cauldron to bring few on the map.


Question: Can I start several actions in the village at once?

Answer: Yes - eg if you'd like to cut down the whole tree at once, click on it several times, and your hero will repeat the action until he finishes. The same thing applies to different actions, eg you can set up harvesting crops, restocking a building, cleaning the area - your hero will complete actions one by one, unless you stop them first.


Question: How can I stop performed action(s)?

Answer: During the action you can always click on the prohibition sign visible at the bottom of the screen. Then the action will be interrupted.


Question: How can I sell an item that's already placed in the village?

Answer: Tap Edit icon in the right menu to go into edit mode, then tap chosen item in the village - pop menu will appear. Choose Sell marked with money bag. Remember: not all items can be sold!


Question: How can I move an item in the village?

Answer: Tap the arrow on the right side of the screen - it will pull out right game menu. From the right menu choose Edit icon. Now all you have to do is tap on chosen item in the village to move it. Remember: not all items can be moved!


Question: Where can I find my resources and items that aren't placed in the village?

Answer: They can be found in your Stash.


Question: What's a Stash?

Answer: In your Stash you can find your resources and items that you’ve received from your friends or chose to hide and use later. You can check what's in your Stash tapping on the Stash icon in the right menu. You can also sell resources you gather during game.


Question: How can I hide something from the village to Stash?

Answer: Tap Edit icon in the right menu to go into edit mode, then tap chosen item in the village - pop menu will appear. Choose Stash marked with an open box. Remember: not all items can be hidden to stash!


Question: What does it mean "You can't reach this place"?

Answer: When such communicate appears it means that your character can't reach a destination because of obstacles on the way. Obstacles can be decorations, trees, buildings and enemies.


Question: How can I get more empty crop fields?

Answer: You can buy empty Crop Field in the Shop. There is a possibility to plant any crop you want on an empty field. When it ripens and is harvested, the Field stays on its place and can be used again.


Question: How can I get Energy?

Answer: Energy regenerates on its own: 1 point per 5 minutes. You can also get it:
- buy it in the Shop, Packs tab
- get it while performing actions that use up Energy - it can fall out as one of the rewards
- receive it as a gift from friends - when you lack Energy, you can publish a request for Energy to be visible in your friends' News Center.
- you can exchange a collection for an energy in the Market Place


Question: What do I need Wood for and how can I get it?

Answer: You get Wood while cutting down the trees in your village. You need it to construct buildings, some quests also require it. You can check how much Wood you have in your Stash, Resources tab.


Question: What do I need Gold for and how can I get it?

Answer: You get Gold from your buildings after finished production or hero's work, it's also a reward in quests. You need it to buy items in the Shop. The amount of owned gold is visible on the upper bar of the game.


Question: What do I need Food for and how can I get it?

Answer: You get Food while harvesting ripe crops and fruit trees. You need it to restock production buildings before starting the production. Also, heroes cannot work in their huts without food. The amount of owned Food is visible on the upper bar of the game.


Question: What do I need Happiness for and how can I get it?

Answer: You need Happiness to get Houses. Happiness points can be acquired by placing decorations in the village. On the right side of resources bar you can see your Houses limit and how many you have already used. Tap the House icon on the resources bar to pull out plate informing how much Happiness do you need to get another House.


Question: Why do I have a negative value of Happiness?

Answer: Negative value of Happiness may show up when you sell or hide to Stash too many decorations. Each decoration gives you a certain amount of Happiness point, so when you get rid of it, this amount is deducted from a total number of Happiness points. To reach the next level of Happiness you have to replenish the lost points.


Question: What do I need Houses for and how can I get them?

Answer: You need Houses to construct buildings. You receive them for reaching consecutive levels of Happiness. The number of owned Houses is visible on the upper resource bar of the game.


Question: What do I need Hearts for?

Answer: You need them to expand your village to new territories, also in some quests. You can buy resources (e.g. flowers), items and skip quests’ requirements using Hearts.


Question: How do I get hearts?

Answer: Hearts are a currency received for helping friends in the game. You can get them by visiting friends villages and performing actions there. You can also buy Hearts in the Shop in Special tab.


Question: Where can I check my amount of hearts?

Answer: You can check amount of Hearts in the Stash, Resources tab.


Question: Where can I change the name of my village?

Answer: You can change village name by clicking on the Holy Menhir - you receive it in one of the first quests in the game. You can also click on the village name above the Happiness bar.


Question: What's a Mysterious Box?

Answer: In such a box you can find squirrels or skunks. When you release a certain amount of squirrels, they will come back to you with a thank you gift. Opening such boxes may also be the requirement in a quest.


Question: What are Magic Wands and how can I get them?

Answer: Magic Wands help you in game - you can use them on items in the village to revive withered crops, speed up the growing process of plants and fruit trees, accelerate production or shorten the time of hero's work. The number of owned Wands is visible above the lower right corner menu, you can also buy them there. Wands can be acquired while harvesting Magic Wand Plants and Magic Wand Trees, you also get them to advance to a new level.



Question: What can I find in the Shop?

Answer: In the shop you can find items sorted into categories:
- Huts - hero huts
- Production - production buildings
- Decorations - decorative stuff
- Crops - plant seeds
- Trees - fruit trees seedlings
- Packs - packages of resources (Energy, Gold, Food, Hearts)


Question: What are production buildings for?

Answer: Production buildings, after you restock them with food, start the production that lasts for a certain time. After the finished production you can collect the produced wares - gold and resources, needed in quests and useful in constructing other buildings and to craft items.


Question: What are decorations for?

Answer: Decorations that you place in your village, apart from beautifying it, give you Happiness points, without which you cannot construct new buildings.


Question: I have only one fruit tree in my village. How can I have more?

Answer: More trees will be unlocked when you progress in the game. You cannot plant new trees without an Orchard in the village - you will construct it in chapter 6.


Question: What happens if I buy something for premium currency and won't place it in the village because of eg lack of space?

Answer: Such an item will be hidden in a proper tab of Stash, you will also be informed about it.


Question: What do I need Magic Cauldron for?

Answer: In the Magic Cauldron you can prepare elixirs, each has a magical effect that helps you in the game. Prepared potion works immediately.



Question: When do the heroes show up in my village?

Answer: Heroes show up only when they get a place to live, eg Druid will settle down in your village after you finish building his hut. The huts are unlocked when you complete quests.


Question: What do I need my heroes for?

Answer: Thanks to your heroes you can perform actions in your village faster - ie when you start several actions at once, eg cutting trees, collecting produced wares and harvesting crops, not only your hero will start working, but also others, that aren't occupied at the moment.
Your heroes also earn gold during work and complete collections that can be exchanged for rewards.


Question: What do I need hero huts for?

Answer: Hero can work in his hut.


Question: What are hero jobs?

Answer: Each hero has eight different jobs, each gives you gold and a chance to receive a piece of hero's collection. The longer the work, the better your earnings and the higher chance to get a piece of collection.


Question: How can I find collection pieces?

Answer: Each hero can find a piece of collection during his work in the hut. The longer the work, the better your earnings and the higher chance to get a piece of collection.


Question: Where can I turn in the collection to get a reward for it?

Answer: Collection can be exchanged in the Market - this building can be constructed in chapter 5.


Question: What do I need my Dog for?

Answer: The Dog shows up in the second chapter, when you rescue him from the hands of Romans. He sleeps in the Doghouse and wakes up every 6 hours so that you can send him to look for treasures. He searches the village, making dog mounds that will give you useful items when you click on them.




Question:     I have changed my device and want to transfer my game progress to the new one. I have to reinstall the game. What should I do in these cases?

Answer:       We would recommend that you log into your Facebook account within the game, as it stores the save file of the game. As you log into your Facebook account, your game progress saves automatically every time you have stable internet connection. This allows you to restore your game progress and purchased items in case you reinstall the game or install it on another device.


Question:     I have questions regarding Payments. What should I do?
Answer:        If you´re having problems with payments, please contact Amazon Appstore Customer Service.
In spite of our willingness to help, we won´t be able to assist you in such requests since Amazon Appstore issues are not connected with our games and are to be resolved by Amazon Appstore Customer Support specialists.


Question:     How can I speed up game downloading?
Answer:       Downloading of the game is not an immediate process, it takes some time, depending on speed of Internet connection you use and quality of communication. We recommend using Wi-Fi connection for game downloading because there are restrictions on size of downloading files while using 3G connection. These restrictions can be specified within your mobile service provider.
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