Stand O’Food® City: Virtual Frenzy

Question:      I have already played this game on my previous device and now I’ve got a new one. How can I transfer the game progress I’ve already made to it?

Answer:       In order to restore your game progress, please log into your G5 friends account in the following way: 
• Tap the 'Friends' icon at the bottom of the screen on your main game board. 
• In a new window tap 'My Profile' in the very bottom of the screen. 
• Tap 'Change Player' in order to log in with your Player Name and password you used in your game. 
• Tap 'Sign in' to confirm the changes.


Question:     I have questions regarding Payments. What should I do?                                                                                                                              

Answer:       If you´re having problems with payments, please contact Amazon Appstore Customer Service.

In spite of our willingness to help, we won´t be able to assist you in such requests since Amazon Appstore issues are not connected with our games and are to be resolved by Amazon Appstore Customer Support specialists.


Question:     How can I speed up game downloading?                                                                                                                                                              

Answer:       Downloading of the game is not an immediate process, it takes some time, depending on speed of Internet connection you use and quality of communication. We recommend using Wi-Fi connection for game downloading because there are restrictions on size of downloading files while using 3G connection. These restrictions can be specified within your mobile service provider.


Question:     How can I move/delete buildings?                                                                                                                                                                

Answer:       Please follow the steps below:

1. Tap and hold down the building.

2. Hold down till the arrow pointing up becomes green.

3. If you want to move the building, please place it on the other spot of the map and tap the Checkmark button below the building.

4. If you want to remove the building, just tap Remove button (with a box on it).


Question:     How can I upgrade a café/factory?                                                                                                                                                                

 Answer:       Please note that the ability to upgrade cafés/factories will appear after you complete a certain quest. It doesn’t depend on your game level. Just keep completing the game quests and the quest to upgrade a café/factory will appear.


Question:  How can I remove hills and rocks?

Answer:     Please be informed that currently there is no possibility to remove rocks and hills on your game map. This feature will be added in one of the future updates for the game.


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