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Question: As I try to install the update from Windows Store, it says the update is already installed. And I’m stuck in the loop with the update message. What should I do?

Answer: Please be informed that the game version is still updating on the store servers. Allow some more time for the store servers to update the app version and try updating your game later.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and truly appreciate your patience in this matter.


Question: My game is in English and I would like to change the language of the game. How can I do that

Answer: The game is using the language that is set as default for your OS. To change the language, please set another language as default in your OS language settings:

  • Go to Start > Settings > Time & language > Region & language.
  • Choose one of your languages and then select Options.
  • Select Download from the Download language pack option.
  • Once the language pack is installed, select back.
  • Choose one of your languages that reads Language pack installed and then select Set as default to make that language the Windows 10 display language.
  • You may need to restart your system to apply the changes.


Question: My game crashes when I try to open it. What should I do?

Answer: Our Technical Team is currently working on isolating the problem and fixing it. We would appreciate some additional information to speed up the fix. Please contact our Support Team at with the detailed description of your issue. Thank you for your kind assistance.

Question:     The game doesn’t run after installation or shuts down during play.

Answer:        Please try to restart the app. You can do it in the following way:

1. Launch the game.

2. Swipe the game screen down.

3. When the game screen becomes small, drag it down to the bottom of you device screen.

4. Start the game once again.


Question:  How do I reinstall the app?

Answer:  Please follow the instruction below to do this:

1. Go to the Main Screen of your device.

2. Swipe the game icon up.

3. Choose "Delete" in the lower left corner of the screen.

4. Tap "Delete".

5. Go to Windows Store and download the game again.


Question:  I have a question regarding my purchase. What should I do?

Answer:  Please be informed that for any kind of replacing/payment issues, you should contact Windows Store Support directly, as this issue is out of control of G5 Entertainment.


Question:  I have already played this game on my previous device and now I’ve got a new one. How can I transfer the game progress I’ve already made to it?

Answer:  In order to save/restore your game progress, please try to log into your G5 friends account in the following way:

• Tap the 'Friends' icon at the bottom of the screen on your main game board.

• In a new window tap 'My Profile' in the very bottom of the screen.

• Tap 'Change Player' in order to log in with your Player Name and password you used in your game.

• Tap 'Sign in' to confirm the changes.

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