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Question: The app crashes each time I try to launch it. What am I to do?

Answer:  In order to overcome the issue, please try to do a factory reset and update your device to the latest Windows Phone version.


Question: How do I reinstall apps that I already own?

Answer: If you delete an app or get a new phone, you can always get the app again. To reinstall one or more apps, do the following:

  • In the App list, tap Store Tile.
  • Tap More icon, then tap My apps to see a list of every app you've downloaded on this (or any other) Windows Phone.
  • Tap Select icon, select one or more apps, then tap Download icon.
  • You'll need a Wi-Fi connection to download any apps that are larger than 50 MB.


Question: How do I delete an app from my phone?

Answer:  To delete an app, follow the steps below:

  • In the App list, tap and hold an app or game, then tap Uninstall.
  • When asked for confirmation, tap Yes.

Question:  How can I reinstall the app that I’ve previously bought?

Answer:  If you accidentally delete an app, or ever have to replace your phone, you can reinstall apps or games you've bought without paying for them again (as long as they're still available in the Windows Phone Store).

  • On Start button, tap Store Tile.
  • Tap Search icon to find the app or game you want to reinstall.
  • Tap Install.


Question: How do I restart the app?

Answer: You can restart an app in the following way:

  • Press and hold the Back button,
  • Swipe through your open apps and tap Close icon to close the one you want.
  • Go to your Apps List, find the app and launch it.



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