Stand O’ Food® City: Virtual Frenzy

Question:  I have already played this game on my previous device and now I’ve got a new one. How can I transfer the game progress I’ve already made to it?

Answer:   In order to restore your game progress, please log into your G5 friends account in the following way: 
• Tap the 'Friends' icon at the bottom of the screen on your main game board. 
• In a new window tap 'My Profile' in the very bottom of the screen. 
• Tap 'Change Player' in order to log in with your Player Name and password you used in your game. 
• Tap 'Sign in' to confirm the changes.


Question: How do I reinstall apps that I already own?

Answer: If you delete an app or get a new phone, you can always get the app again. To reinstall one or more apps, do the following:

  • In the App list, tap Store Tile.
  • Tap More icon, then tap My apps to see a list of every app you've downloaded on this (or any other) Windows Phone.
  • Tap Select icon, select one or more apps, then tap Download icon.
  • You'll need a Wi-Fi connection to download any apps that are larger than 50 MB.


Question: I have reinstalled the game. How can I get my progress back?

Answer:  To get your progress back, please log into your G5 Friends account from within the game.

 Please perform the following steps in order to sign in to your G5 Friends account:

• Launch the game on your device.

• Tap Friends tab on the bottom of the screen.

• Choose “My Profile”.

• Tap “Change Player”.

• Enter your player's name and password from your previous game.


Question: How do I delete an app from my phone?

Answer:  To delete an app, follow the steps below:

  • In the App list, tap and hold an app or game, then tap Uninstall.
  • When asked for confirmation, tap Yes.


Question:  How do I restart the app?

Answer:    You can restart an app in the following way:

  • Press and hold the Back button,
  • Swipe through your open apps and tap Close icon to close the one you want.
  • Go to your Apps List, find the app and launch it.
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